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litigation & contract law


BMA AVOCATS combines legal expertise with an understanding of economic and social issues to anticipate potential risks and to build an effective defence strategy with its clients.

The firm is competent in all areas of business law, particularly in matters relating to the interpretation and execution of contracts, conflict between shareholders, directors' liability, disputes arising from mergers and acquisitions, enforcement procedures, unfair competition, etc.

In addition, BMA AVOCATS has acquired a highly and renowned expertise in the field of restrictive competitive practices, such as, in particular, the unfair and unlawful termination of established business relations.

The firm is also well versed in commercial negotiations, particularly with large retailers.


It is impossible to defend a dispute without perfect mastery of contract law. Similarly, drafting a solid agreement means anticipating possible litigation.

The BMA AVOCATS law firm is regularly consulted in order to help draft a range of business contracts :
  • Distribution agreements (licences, franchises, supply, concessions, etc.),
  • General conditions of purchase and sale,
  • Commercial partnerships,
  • Etc.