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Restructuring & insolvency

BMA AVOCATS is renowned for its expertise concerning companies in difficulty, having being involved in many significant cases in this field, over the previous 20 years.

BMA AVOCATS advises companies in difficulty as well as their shareholders, their creditors or French or foreign investors wishing to acquire the capital or assets of a company subject to an insolvency proceedings.

The firm can intervene either at a preventive stage (through an ad hoc mandate or conciliation procedure), which has the advantage of confidentiality for the partners of the company, or during any judicial procedures relating to such difficulties (safeguards, accelerated financial safeguards, receivership or liquidation).

We offer each of our clients:
  • An in-depth analysis of the company's problems;
  • A perfect knowledge of the participants, whether they be court-appointed administrators , the competent departments in the commercial courts or civil courts for non-commercial legal entities, the Interministerial Committee for Industrial Restructuring in Bercy (Comité Interministériel de Restructuration Industrielle - CIRI), the Financial Services Commission (Commission des Chefs de Services Financiers - CCSF) which is competent to grant moratoria and/or waivers on tax and social security claims, the special business services in banks, trustees, auditors, interim managers, and so forth;
  • Innovative and sustainable proposals which specifically address each of the issues raised;
  • Responsiveness and flexibility in the implementation of the chosen solutions.
The firm assist companies at all stages of a restructuring, from the first analysis to the completion of the resulting solutions.